5 Best Games Similar to Stardew Valley

5 Best Games Similar to Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the more recent indie games to shake up the RPG genre, so it's not surprising that there are quite a few games on the market that are just like it. A few of the games that are just like it are Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Harvest Moon 2, Rune Factory 2, and Harvest Moon 3.

Harvest Moon

This is one of the original simulation games, and there are quite a few people who play it. Harvest Moon is set in a small farm in the countryside, and the player must take care of the crops, animals, and meet the needs of the townspeople.

Rune Factory

This game is the closest to Stardew Valley in terms of gameplay, since you are able to explore the land, fight monsters, get married, and get to know the townspeople. It has an RPG element to it, and there are also farming elements to it.

Harvest Moon 2

This sequel to the original Harvest Moon game has all of the same features, and it has a little bit more in terms of features and gameplay. It has a farm that the player can build and customize, and they can also get to know the townsfolk and take care of their needs.

Harvest Moon 3

This is the newest installment in the Harvest Moon series, and it has a much more complex and in-depth story than the previous installments. The farm in Harvest Moon 3 is much larger than in the other games, and it's also much more interactive.

Rune Factory 2

This is the sequel to Rune Factory, and the gameplay is much the same. The graphics and storyline, however, are much more complex and in-depth. The player can do a variety of different things in this game, and it's much more open-ended than the original installment.